Emergency Assistance Information 

Emergency Assistance Numbers

Fire Department: Dial 000 (For life-threatening situations)

Police Department: Emergency 000 (For life-threatening situations)

Police Assistance: 131 444 (When Police attendance is required)

Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 (Report crime anonymously)

SES: 132 500 (For emergency assistance during or after storms)

Western Power: 13 13 51 (Contact Western Power first to determine if there is a power outage in the area)

Alinta Gas: 13 13 52 (Contact Alinta Gas first to determine if there is a gas outage in the area)

Water Corporation: 13 13 75 (Contact Water Corporation first if there is a water outage in the area)

United Services Plumbing & Gas: 1300 213 086 (Urgent plumbing, gas and leaks)

JTK Property Services Pty Ltd: 0423 880 774 or email service@jtk.com.au (Urgent maintenance repairs)

Universal Electro-Tech: (08) 9328 9491 (Urgent electrical repairs)

Commercial Locksmiths: (08) 9446 1333 press button to go through to after hours if emergency (Urgent lock repairs)

Swan Fire Services: (08) 6296 6799 (Urgent fire system repairs)

ABA Automatic Gates: (08) 9330 3061 (Urgent security gate repairs)

Grant Elevators: 1300 353 390 (Urgent elevator repairs)

Your local council can assist with general concerns and will have FAQ’s on their website.

EMERGENCY CALL 1300 454 399


An emergency or urgent situation is when a person or property is placed in immediate danger, or if the situation is not corrected immediately the possibility of more damage to property will occur.  After hours repairs can be very costly to all Lot Owners, so if the repairs can be arranged for the next business day, this is the best option.

Below are some situations that are classed as urgent and can NOT wait until the next business day:

  • Plumbing: Blocked sewer, sewerage overflow, burst water pipes on the property, gas leaks
  • Electrical: Live wires exposed in the common area of the property
  • Lift: Contact the number located on the lift for emergencies or press the “Call” button inside the lift
  • General Repairs: Major roof leak, major water leak on the property, break and enter damage
  • Automatic Gates: Gate jammed closed, if a gate is jammed OPEN this is not classed as an emergency and must be reported on the next business day to the office

Note: If you are an owner or a property manager and there is an urgent matter to arrange outside of our business hours, you may do so, but prior to arranging a contractor to attend we ask that you read the above and determine if the matter is in fact urgent or if can it wait until the next business day.

We reserve the right to refuse payment of an invoice if the works were not of an urgent nature or not the Strata Company’s responsibility.