Emergency Assistance Information 

What Constitutes an Urgent or Emergency Situation?

An urgent or emergency situation is one where there is immediate danger to a person or property, or where failing to address the issue promptly could result in further significant property damage. After-hours repairs can be expensive for all Lot Owners; therefore, it is preferable to schedule repairs for the next business day whenever possible.

Please note that in the event of storm damage, such as water ingress due to a leaking roof, emergency repairs often cannot be performed until the weather conditions improve, allowing contractors to carry out their work safely.
Situations in relation to Common Property that would be classified as urgent and requiring immediate attention would include:

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  • Blocked or overflowing sewer
  • Burst Common Property water pipes on the property causing a major leak
  • Common Property gas leaks
  • Exposed live wires in the Common Property
  • If there is an issue with the lift that could endanger any of the occupiers
  • For someone trapped inside a lift press the “Call” button and you will be put through directly to the lift company
General Repairs
  • Major roof leak where the roof is deemed Common Property
  • Major water leak due to Common Property failure
  • Damage to Common Property from a break-in
  • Broken glass to Common Property
Automatic Gates
  • Vehicle/Pedestrian Gate jammed closed (Note: If a gate is jammed open, this is not classified as an emergency and should be reported to the office on the next business day.)

Note: If you are an owner or property manager dealing with an urgent issue outside of business hours, and the contractors listed below are unable to be reached, you may arrange for any suitably qualified contractor to attend and seek reimbursement from the Strata Company if it is in relation to Common Property.

However, please review the above criteria to determine if the matter is genuinely urgent or can wait until the next business day.

The Council of Owners reserve the right to refuse reimbursement of costs if the work was not of an urgent nature, or if it was not the responsibility of the Strata Company.

In all instances, any works or actions taken should be reported to your strata manager as soon as practicable on the next business day.

What Does Not Constitute an Urgent or Emergency Situation

Whilst the following situations may be frustrating for all involved, the following would not be deemed urgent or an emergency and should be reported to your strata manager during business hours if applicable.

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Noise Complaints
All noise complaints can be reported to your local council, and if the issue persists, the police should be called. Please ensure that records are kept of all council and/or police interactions, as these details can be used as evidence should the Council of Owners wish to issue a contravention of by-laws notice to the offender, and if the issue goes to the State Administrative Tribunal.
Theft, Graffiti, and Vandalism
All thefts should be reported to the police by the affected party.

Any graffiti or vandalism to common property should be reported to your strata manager during business hours.

Lost/Missing Keys
Dominion Strata Management do not possess spare keys for individual units and do not have access to devices for common property after hours. If you are locked out of your apartment or unit, please contact a locksmith directly.
No Internet or TV Reception
For no internet – please contact your internet provider to report the issue.

For no/poor TV reception – if the scheme has a shared Master Antenna Television (MATV) system, please contact your strata manager during business hours. If the TV antenna is exclusive to your apartment or unit, please contact a suitably qualified contractor directly.

Minor Water Leaks/Dripping Taps
All minor water leaks/dripping taps in relation to common property should be reported to your strata manager during business hours.
Should the issue be in relation to a water service that is exclusive to your apartment or unit, please contact a plumber directly.
Access to Site Main Switch Board (SMSB) to Turn on Unit/Apartment’s Power

All owners/tenants are advised that should you be opening a new electricity account with Synergy; they may require you switch your own power on in the SMSB. In many cases the scheme’s SMSB is locked using a WA Services (WAS) key for the protection and security of the owners’ and/or occupants’ power supply. If applicable, a key to access the SMSB can generally be obtained from our office during business hours. Should you require access outside of business hours, it is recommended that you contact a licenced electrician, as most will carry a WAS key.

The same process applies for tripped RCD’s exclusive to your apartment or unit, that may be located in the SMSB.

Please note that the cost of appointing an electrician is the responsibility of the owner/occupant.

Emergency or Urgent Contacts

Fire DepartmentDial 000For life threatening situations
Police DepartmentDial 000For life threatening situations
AmbulanceDial 000For life threatening situations
Police Assistance131 444When police attendance is required
Crime Stoppers1800 333 000Report crime anonymously
SES132 500For emergency assistance during or after storms
Western Power13 13 51Contact Western Power first to determine if there is a power outage in the area
ATCO Gas13 13 52Contact ATCO Gas first to determine if there is a gas outage in the area
Water Corporation13 13 75Contact Water Corporation first to determine if there is a water outage in the area


Browns Plumbing9330 5786Urgent Plumbing and Gas Leaks
Universal Electro Tech9328 9491Urgent Electrical Repairs
JTK Property Services0423 880 774Urgent Building Repairs
Fire AlarmCall number on the Fire Panel for attendance/assistance
Marshall Beattie Automation9355 5600For auto gates stuck in closed position
ABA Gates9330 3061For auto gates stuck in closed position
Commercial Locksmiths9446 1333For after-hours attendance